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Meet Your SaaS

AI Copilot

Consolidating data from HubSpot, QBO, Jira, and more into a single source, enhancing it with AI insights, and integrating it into your command center for comprehensive organizational oversight, KPIs, and recommendations.

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Client - SalesPlaybookBuilder
Client - StimStixx
Client - StoreKeeper
Client - WhiteStar
Client - Safety Evolution

Command Center

Your Operational Overview

Your AI Copilot provides a comprehensive overview of your operation in the Command Center. It constantly monitors the health and efficiency of your systems, extracting actionable insights via your software stack. This powerful combination allows for a holistic view of your business, encompassing everything from operational metrics to customer analytics and financial data.

  • Unified Data Access and Analysis
  • Facilitates Quick, Informed Decision-Making
  • Predictive Insights for Proactive Strategies
With Arkeo Ai's command center, monitor your CAC, ACV, MRR, Leads and more. dig into each KPI by selecting the tile and engage with your copilot.

Specialists Suite

Expanding Your Team's Capabilities

The Specialists Suite, seamlessly integrated with your Command Center, brings a network of domain experts to your fingertips. These specialists work in tandem with the insights generated by the AI Copilot, ensuring that every strategic action is informed and executed with expert precision. Their expertise spans various fields, including marketing, technology, product development, and customer engagement.

  • Actionable Expertise on Demand
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Direct API to your Software 
Your SaaS Copilot has a suite of AI Specialists who are experts in marketing, sales, customer success & more, ready to help you strategize & execute.

Workflow Automation

Automate to Innovate

Your AI Copilot and Specialists integrate into your workflows to scale your operations with intelligent automation, transforming routine tasks into streamlined, precision-driven processes. Automate your Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Operations.

  • Automated SOP Execution
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Scalable Processes
Arkeo AI - Workflow Automation (1)

SaaS Mentor

Tailored Growth with Personalized Mentoring

Elevate your team's capabilities with AI-driven, customized learning experiences, adapting to individual skills and performance for continuous and impactful development. Your Copilot identifies areas for skill enhancement by analyzing individual and team performance data and offers targeted learning and development opportunities. 

  • Skill Enhancement and Knowledge Expansion
  • Fosters a Culture of Continuous Learning
  • Enhanced Team Performance and Productivity
Your Copilot welcomes you back, letting you know what to prioritize next and mentoring to execute.

Word On The Street

Hear how Arkeo is helping other leading companies grow.

"Arkeo's focus on being not just a tool but an AI Copilot capable of guiding and completing tasks proactively is a promising development for any SaaS founder looking to drive their business forward efficiently.                                                      

Drew Williams
Founder, Sales Playbook Builder


"With Arkeo's potential to analyze my time, manage my emails, and track my KPIs, I'm looking forward to reclaiming 20 hours a week, revolutionizing efficiency and decision-making at Storekeeper"


William Sprakel
Co-Founder, StoreKeeper


"Arkeo's actionable recommendations on our sales pipeline data from HubSpot has revolutionized our approach, directly contributing to a 60% uplift in lead generation and significantly enhancing our strategic decision-making."

David Hussey
Operations Manager, Safety Evolution

Safety Evolution - Logo


Arkeo AI is your SaaS Copilot, ready to bring actionable insights from your entire tech stack so your team can execute faster & better.

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